About Nuaudition

NuAudition.com is a company that’s meant for the average person wanting to make it into any arena of entertainment. Our site is a platform for talented individuals to showcase their singing, acting and comedic skills while networking with colleagues or common people in the industry.The site will provide you with the ability to upload your own audition video, biography and head shot on your own profile page. NuAudition.com is structured to support a social model experience along with video streaming and endless interacting with each other. The site will also allow individuals to message each other, post daily blogs and vote on your colleague’s performances. Also, NuAudition.com will help promote you if you have a certain amount of votes. How cool is that!! Why we are doing this: The reason why we chose this space; it is relative to the location we reside in, which is Los Angeles. Although LA is one of the largest entertainment sectors, we believe this concept can reach the masses and allow everyone to be seen and heard of their talent while being successful in their own town. Rodney Founder I’ve achieved success in a few businesses in my lifetime from owning and operating a beauty supply store to buying a mini fleet of ice cream trucks to start a rental business. Now my focus is on a broader perspective. I want to be able to help the masses achieve their own fame and destiny through NuAudition.com.